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Why you cannot miss diving at Brother Islands, Red Sea

Why you cannot miss diving at Brother Islands, Red Sea

Brother Islands in the Red Sea also referred to as Al Akhawein, are one of the most beautiful islands of Egypt. Every diver has written the name of Brother Islands in their list of “Places to dive in before dying”. Diving in Brother Islands through Liveaboards in the Red Sea will make you witness the beauty within the water of these Islands in a whole new way. That will definitely will leave you in awe.

The highlights of Brother Islands encompasses exotic wrecks, coral reefs, wall dives and pelagic. The divers can also expect to see Whale sharks and Oceanic White Tip sharks.

The Aida wreck of the big brother can be mesmerizing as it is a huge 75m long Egyptian ship. The Aida was built in France and launched in 1911. The ship was working as a supply ship for the Egyptian army. When in 1957 the captain of the ship without caring for the warnings about the big storms in the red sea, brought the ship to Big Brother Island. And unfortunately due to harsh weather and storm the ship sank.

Another amazing dive site to dive through Egypt Liveaboards is The Numidia, which will make your eyes pop out of their socket. This ship is way bigger than the Aida, as it is 130 meters long. The unfortunate British ship was on its second voyage to India when it met its end. Upon close inspection, you can still witness its two locomotive wheels. The remains of the Numidia are now covered with beautiful corals and reefs.

Besides the sites in big brother island, the little brother island has a sloping reef filled with marine life, which provides the passage towards the plateau. If you go about 40 meters deep, you will have high chances of encountering silvertip and gray reef sharks. And if it’s your lucky day you may also get to witness hammerheads. Other highlights of Brothers Islands include Black corals, barracuda, tuna, and massive gorgonians. Due to wildlife, diving through Red Sea Liveaboards in Little Brother requires the certification level equal to  PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or CMAS**.

Diving in Brother Islands is possible all year round as the water temperatures range from 23-30°C. However, the best season to dive the Brothers on Liveaboard is spring and autumn. Months from June to August are the warmest and the sea is usually calm. The months of May and October offer highest chances to encounter the population of fantastic creatures like Sharks. From June to August as waters are warmer you will have to go deeper  for sighting these creatures.

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