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Step by Step Guide to Applying for a Tourist Visa for your Upcoming Dubai Trip

Step by Step Guide to Applying for a Tourist Visa for your Upcoming Dubai Trip

Heading to Dubai and other cities of the UAE for your vacation or visiting with friends and family? Here’s the Complete Step-by-step Guide for applying for your Tourist Visa.

First things first,

Know your Visa Type

Dubai offers several different types of Visa to meet the requirements of different types of travellers. The first step to check is the type of visa you require to enter the UAE. Most travellers opt for the 14 days/30 days short-term visa which lets you enter the country as a tourist or to meet with your friends and family. Additionally, if you’re just transiting through the country during your journey, you can apply for the transit visa that lets you take in the sights of the city for a short period.

Let’s take a look at the Eligibility Criteria for applying for a Dubai Tourist Visa:

  • You must hold a valid passport with at least six months of validity after your trip.
  • Your passport must have at least two to three empty pages.
  • You have to provide copies of your to and fro flight tickets on Lufthansa, Air India or any other airlines that fly on this route, hotel accommodations and other booking details.
  • You may be required to provide your trip itinerary as per requirements.
  • You have to submit copies of your bank passbook, employment/company ownership details, and ITR as per requirements.

Here’s a complete step by step guide that walks you through the entire process of UAE visa application:

Step 1: Fill the Tourist Visa Application form

The first step is downloading the visa application form. Specify the type of visa you require. Then fill up all the details required in the form carefully, without making any mistakes.

Step 2: Affix the Photograph

To apply for Dubai tourist visa, you have to submit copies of your recent passport photograph. The photograph must not be more than six months old and must be easily identifiable.

Other requirements for the photograph are:

  • Must be taken on a white background
  • It must be a coloured image
  • Size: 4.3 cms x 5.5 cms

You can either download the form and stick the photograph or scan the image and copy-paste it on your application.

Step 3: Print the Application Form

Make sure you have filled in all the necessary details and then print your application. Print the application on good quality paper and affix your signature in the space provided. Remember that incomplete or false information could lead your visa to be rejected.

Step 4: Provide the Supporting Documents

The next step is to provide the supporting documents for your visa application. Provide photocopies of the original documents as per requirements. The list of supporting documents varies depending on the applicant and visa type.

Make sure to double check the list, so that you don’t miss out on any of the supporting documents.

Step 5: Submit your Application Form

The next step is to visit the nearest branch of the UAE Visa Processing Centre and submit the application form along with the supporting documents. You have to pay the visa processing fee either in cash or Demand Draft.

Step 6: Check your Visa Application Process

Once you have submitted your visa application form, you can check its status by using the online portal of the UAE visa processing centre. On occasions, you may be contacted by the embassy for further clarifications and additional details.

The Final Step: Collecting your Visa

Once your visa has been approved, it will be mailed to your email id, or you may have to visit the centre to collect it in person.

Now, that your visa has been approved, all you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to board your Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai or Mumbai to port Blair flights and create memories that last for a lifetime.

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