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Ostuni , Italy: 4 Ways to be Enchanted in the White City

Ostuni , Italy: 4 Ways to be Enchanted in the White City

Ostuni is often photographed from a distance as the White City (La Città Bianca) on the hill, but once you enter this famed Puglian city, you are immeditely struck by its ambiance. There is more to the city than its beautiful white stucco buildings. Ostuni is full of hip little cubbyhole shops and restaurants which glow with twinkle lights, that make you feel like you have been transported to a little place of magic. It does not take much to have a wonderful time in Ostuni. Here are some easy ways to be enchanted with Ostuni’s charm for an evening.

  1. Get to know the Locals In the evening as the sun drops below the horizon, the ladies appear in little clusters on their front stoops forming a kind of evening gathering. Walking past them on the intimate little streets, contributing only a ‘buonasera’, awkwardly intruding on their conversations feels like you are part of secret Italian women’s club, if only for a second.
  2. Have an aperitivo on a rooftop terrazzo Do yourself a favor and stay in a place with a rooftop terrace. You should do this in every Italian city, but especially in Ostuni where the view follows miles of olive groves all the way to the stunning aqua blue Adriatic. Once, you ‘go topside’ you will not want to come down, so you might as well bring some ‘taralli’ and a nice bottle of wine to take it all in.
  3. Shop in a chic boutique If you get motivated to leave the terazzo, there are some great little shops scattered throughout the streets surrounding the piazza in the old town. Each boutique has its unique appeal and you will want to shop and photograph everything. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time to shop after dinner. 4. Eat ‘al fresco’ under twinkle lights and vines Beauty abound throughout the streets of Ostuni, you will find little bewitching places tucked away in each corner as you wander around taking in the sights. Winding through the shops opposite the Ostuni cathedral, there is the most captivating little restaurant called La Taverna della Gelosia which means ‘the tavern of jelaousy’ in Italian. Picture it with its white stucco terraced seating underneath arbors of twinkle lit vines, gargoyle like creatures poking out of the walls, pots of flowers and succulents in every corner, and cats waiting on the perimeter for a taste of tonight’s offerings from the chef. It really is like a dream.
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