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Extreme Adventure for Everyone

Extreme Adventure for Everyone

There is no dearth of thrilling activities in the world. But what if you are too chicken-hearted to bungee jump from that cliff or dive into the ocean? Or you are too old to skydive without rupturing an artery or spraining that stiff neck. Old as in 36? Who are you kidding; you are just unfit.

Take heart. You can still get into some action on your holiday. You might still be able to call yourself an adventure junkie. You might still be able to brag to your friends at dinner back home. You could still feel young and invincible.

Here are some adventure activities which will give you the same rush of adrenaline that a bungee jump would (not exactly, who are we kidding). But the good part is that here you’d even be able to click pictures and actually be able to take in the view around without worrying about dying and all.

EdgeWalk, Toronto

Wait, are they pretending to be Gandhi’s ‘teen bandar’?

Now this is where you are tied to a harness and suspended on the edge of a building at a height of 1168 metres. Called EdgeWalk, it is the roof of the CN tower in Toronto, Canada. If even this is too scary for you, opt for a walk on the glass floor that is at a height of 1122 feet from the ground.


Grand Canyon Skywalk (United States)

When you are standing on a glass floor 1800 metres above sea level, facing a never-ending canyon, you cannot think straight. Get the kick by stepping on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a horseshoe shaped walkway facing the Canyon in Arizona.

The Ledge in Chicago

These glass boxes hanging from the ledge of the 103rd floor of Skydeck are enough to give anybody a high. This is somewhat how Spiderman, had he existed for real, would have felt while swinging from one window to another. The stunning view these ledges afford attracts scores of visitors, some (500 of them so far) even opting to get married here. It does help that you can see across 4 states.

Dinner in the Sky

So, nice weather, han?

This is the ultimate in adventure for the laziest of asses. You don’t have to do as much as budge an inch; you don’t even need to slip into any protective suit, well except for the harness. Wear that pretty evening dress, put on those pearls, and sit pretty on this dinner table meant for the skies. Dinner in the sky organizes such mid-air dinners across the world. The menu is elaborate, the service prompt (well, they have nowhere else to go) and the harness strong. If your granny doesn’t have severe vertigo, even she can dine in


Don’t worry, your instructor will dive with you and the water will be shallow enough for you to stand. (unless of course you go all out and fly to Australia to dive on the Great Barrier Reef!) Even those who afraid of water could do it. After all, you are still standing on land. Kids, pregnant women (though scuba diving is a strict no-no during pregnancy), the elderly, and even you (the bulky ball of flesh hanging loose) can snorkel safely and easily.


You’d think how is rafting that makes your body twist and turn into every possible angle is a sissy’s adventure. Well, think of it this way: all you have to do is sit in a group of fellow sissies, carefully strapped and life-jacketed, and just try and hold your body together.

Hot Air Ballooning

This one is another great cheat code for adventure. Hop on and relax. The only thing that can ruin your experience is fear of heights, though the elevation is not too high. What’s good is that you can click amazing pics from that vantage point.


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