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Best places to visit in Florida

Best places to visit in Florida

Florida is one of the most visited places of USA, situated in the southern most corner of the state. The place is surrounded by Gulf of Mexico on one side and Atlantic Ocean on the other. The word Florida literally means “Land of Flowers”. The place is famous for various inherent qualities, few of which are the environment which attracts tourists, many world famous visiting places, adventurous environment, peaceful life and amazing cuisines. The life at Florida woos the tourist in such a way that they love to come there again and again.

There are various places to view while you visit Florida for vacation or for any other business purposes. The place never let your emotions down. There are various destinations which attracts the visitors.

  • Orlando:

This place is the heart of Florida. It consists of many theme parks which attracts not only the children but also their parents and other local or other visitors. The amusements parks at Orlando are the major attraction.  Disney World is the most talk-about places in the world. Epcot, Universal and various other water parks add beauty to the tourism of this place. Florida is setting a new record every year for the number of visitors at their place.

  • Key West

This is another visitor spot of Florida where the tourists visit very often. The Duval Street, Mallory Square and Hemingway are the famous places at Key West. People who visit Florida for vacations do visit these places which are a beach gateway for fun and entertainment. It the southernmost point of Florida and full of naturally beautiful beaches.

  • Miami

It is the most famous place around the world. It is called to be the Mecca of Florida visitors. The place is so vibrant and full of life that no matter what kind of activity you are indulged in, you will feel the pleasure. The wonderful museums and gardens are one of those attractions. It is also popular for its sealife shows which present the sea life in a fabulous way. If you love enjoying beach parties and feel the ocean, this place is perfect for you. The Jungle Island, Dolphin Mall & Bayfront Park are one of those places which are must to visit.

  • Wall Disney World

The globe famous Wall Disney world is no name to tell about. The theme parks and the amusement parks here are the main purpose of the visitor to visit Florida. The Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Sea world, Disney Springs and Disney studios are the major attraction of this place. Disney is the dream place of most of the people around the world who grown up watching the cartoons and seeing the parks in their televisions.

  • Other Attractions

Other than the above mentioned, Florida has many other things to enjoy and entertain you. The non-disney hotels, around 4 big Golf courses, and other recreational places are the non-avoidable visiting spots of Florida. The persons who visit Florida once, would love to visit here again and again.

All these places make Florida a heaven for all the visitors whether in-town or the outsiders to enjoy their life to fullest and do not forget to taste the yummiest cuisines of the place to satisfy the apetite.

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