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Bachelor’s and bachelorette’s guide to top 5 wild party destinations

Bachelor’s and bachelorette’s guide to top 5 wild party destinations

Is your best friend preparing to settle down with that one special person? Is your cousin ready to take the vows? Or is it you who is getting married? If yes, then you are reading the perfect article! You will get lots of suggestions about marriage preparations from your near ones. But, who is going to help you to plan that unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party? Don’t worry peeps! We are here for you. Plan your trip right away because everything else can wait. Here is the list of top-notch destinations which are popular especially for the wild partying.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
    This melting pot of different cultures has also the dominating culture for sure. There are nightclubs, strip joints which are quite regular. But, glamorous ladyboys cabaret shows are the identity of this city. Dance, music and drama in these shows attract thousands of people here. There are numerous other things too. Want to experience exotic dining? Eager to explore extensive shopping options? Ready to pamper yourself in Spas? Pack your bags and catch a flight to Bangkok.
  2. Las Vegas
    Talking about the bachelor or bachelorette party and no one mentioned Vegas? That has never happened in the history of mankind. Come here over the weekend as it will be hard to choose from thousands of options. The online trip planner will customize it for you. When the world around you is getting ready to sleep, head out in this steamy city. Grab your drink and get ready for the wild night. This applies to you too, girls! Vegas is the best for bachelorette parties. You will need a day to explore fine-dining, exotic clubs, male strip clubs and gambling. If you are tired of all the dancing, head to the excellent spas and detox yourself.
  3. Tokyo, Japan
    It doesn’t matter if you are planning a stag or hen party, Tokyo is the place for everyone. The best thing about partying here is the after-hours clubs. These places usually start around nine in the night and stay open for more than twelve hours straight. So, when most of the party animals are packing their bags, you can still enjoy the booze and music for few more hours. There are many exotic strip joints and upscale bars which are well within budget. If you are not a fan of partying till the sunrise, then karaoke bars are perfect for you.
  4. Ibiza, Spain
    This small island in Spain is famous for its nightlife. It offers everything from adventure sports, strip clubs, discos, spas and even sports car driving. We all know that there is nothing like dancing the night away. But it becomes even more special when you do it beneath the stars on the soft sandy beaches. Hundreds of beach clubs are scattered across the beautiful coastline. Choose any one (or more if you want) and get your feet tapping.
  5. Macau
    Don’t be disappointed if you cannot go to Vegas. Macau – the Vegas of East – is here for you. The city of glitz and glamor and gambling will never disappoint you. This is the best place for outdoor as well as indoor activities. Climbing the Macau tower or bungee jumping is for the lovers of extreme adventure. The night is all yours in this city of clubs, bars, strip joints and pole dancers.

Now you know where you can throw splendid bachelor or bachelorette parties. Help your loved ones in celebrating the singlehood while they are getting ready to enter the exciting new phase in life.

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