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A Brief Discussion on the Ghan

A Brief Discussion on the Ghan


The ghan is a popular name when it comes to travelling to Darwin, Adelaide and Alice Springs. It is basically the name of a train service that was established for travelling to the mentioned places of Australia. The ghan was initially operated by Great southern rail and the travelling duration used to be around 54 hours. The train used to stop 4 times in Alice Springs. The previous name of the ghan was the Afghan Express. It is said that the name was given by one of the crew members back in the year 1923.

The Train Operations

The Ghan went through privatization back in the year 1997. The train was initially the part and parcel of the Serco group.  The ghan usually operates weekly and its operations continue throughout the year. Initially the train operated only once in every 2 weeks however the trend later on changed. Similarly the train also added a new destination by the name of Katherine, Which provides optional tours to you as a tourist.

Each train in the ghan route basically consists of 16 to 26 carriages made up of stainless steel. Getting the train through a tourist agency can make things very easy for you as by this method you can get the best services ever. You will get the timely meals, nice cabin and wonderful site seeing opportunities as well.

The Travelling experience

The biggest advantage which the ghan actually offers to you is related to tourism. By travelling through the ghan you actually make things easier for yourself. Your travelling time gets reduced and you also get the chance of visiting additional tourist sites. Australia has a great country side, unfortunately by travelling through car or airplane you are not able to witness this country side. However through the ghan you get the chance of seeing these marvels of beauty.

The train travel itself is very exciting and it is a much safer option as well as compared to other mediums available. You enjoy a nice time with the fellow tourist and stopping at different stations also serves as a great experience. Sleeping in the cabin and waking up early in the morning by seeing the beautiful country side is a very stress releasing and wonderful experience. The ghan can really make your tourism memorable and full of experiences


If you want to see some of the greatest cities of Australia in a unique way then the best option for you is the Ghan. However only ghan will not solve your problems rather you need to avail the services of a reputed travel agency as well. An upcoming tourist company in the region is that of Rail Holidays. You can contact the company officials at their designated times. You can even reach the company online through their website. A good tourist company can solve a lot of your travelling issues and in a country like Australia travelling without a guide can be risky.

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