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10 Reasons to choose Prague for your stag do

10 Reasons to choose Prague for your stag do

Choosing the perfect destination is probably the most important thing when you have to organize your best friend’s stag do. If you want to turn his last days of freedom into a weekend that no one will ever forget, one of the best places to go and have fun is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Let’s see the reasons why Prague is highly recommended when it comes to stag dos:

  • Is situated in the “heart of Europe” and it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world;
  • It’s cheap;
  • It has its charm in any time of the year, so it can be the perfect destination for your stag weekend in any season;
  • Is famous for attractions like Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square and much more;
  • Prague offers a rich cultural life;
  • Prague Zoological Garden was elected as the 4th best zoo in the world;
  • Famous Czech beer have reasonable prices;
  • Accessibility is a plus too, because it is very easy to get to Prague. Besides that, in town, the public transport is well developed and very cheap;

So, I bet you were convinced by the potential of this amazing city and decided that it would be your destination. Now, let’s see some activities that you can choose for a stag do weekend in Prague. Take a look at this list of options:

  • You can have a little adventure in your stag weekend and discover the rafting experience on the beautiful river Vltava, that divides Prague in two;
  • Prague is one of the best destinations in Europe where you can see two hot topless girls making jelly wrestling;
  • You can visit the Beer Museum and tasting 10 different types of delicious beers;
  • You can take a metal baseball bat and smash up a car,
  • You can have the opportunity to drive a real tank;
  • You can choose a steak and strip dinner or a steak dinner with lesbo show;
  • You can have a lot of fun going to outdoor paintball with stag costume and unlimited beer;
  • You can admire the main sights and attractions of the city and drinking beer at the same time if you will take a Beer Bike – one of the top stag activities across Europe;
  • You can choose an indoor sky diving experience and you will simulate a free fall, similar with the real skydive, into a vertical wind tunnel were wind speeds is between 160km and 280km;
  • You can test your skills about shooting with an AK-47 Kalashnikov;
  • You can have a lot of fun but also relaxation at a sexy pool party;
  • If you want a little spicy time, you can choose a Dominatrix Lesbo Show with an exclusive strip club hire and a lot of drinks.

You can find even more activities on eventhuse.co.uk, one of the best websites that can help you to organize a perfect stag do in Prague!

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