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Five Airlines That Are Topping the Charts for International Travel

Five Airlines That Are Topping the Charts for International Travel

Travelling internationally? If yes, then your first concern would be to save as much as you can, right? And then comes comfort and convenience? This article lists the top airlines that are currently topping the charts for international travel. Not only are their services great but you can travel with them at extremely affordable prices.

There are thousands of passengers travelling internationally around the globe each month. While a majority of them are getting value in exchange for the hefty price they have paid for their airline seats, there are some who aren’t happy with the airline they choose.

Be it bad connectivity or delays or just bad in-flight experience; people often tend to stay away from some airlines. However, here are a few airlines that you must consider for your next international travel. While some are known for providing affordable tickets, others are known for their connectivity and amazing in-flight experience they offer.

  1. Air Asia:

This Malaysian-based airline has its roots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is identified as one of the largest airlines when it comes to factors like fleet size and the number of destinations covered. AirAsia flight booking is extremely affordable, and the list of other affiliated airlines with Air Asia includes Indonesia Air Asia, Thai Air Asia, Philippines Air Asia and Air Asia India. The major airports covered by Air Asia include the Don Mueang International Airport, Kempegowda International Airport, and Ninoy Aquino International Airport to name a few.

  1. Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways has managed to grow exponentially in a short period. The airline covers roughly 140 destinations globally. They offer numerous levels of services, which has helped them become an award-winning carrier. They offer services in destinations across the globe, including regions in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and others.

  1. Singapore Airlines:

Singapore Airlines is the most appreciated travel brand internationally. The enterprise covers more than six continents in total. Its high standard of care and service at an affordable price is what has helped them become a recognisable icon. Being the youngest of the aircrafts, it sure is among the best options that one can opt for. Moreover, it is particularly well-known in the long-duration flights’ sector.

  1. Emirates:

Emirates was founded back in 1985, and today it operates over 230 aircrafts through almost 140 destinations. Spanning over approximately 80 different countries, the Emirates network is ever-expansive. More than 1500 flights depart from Dubai each week. Known for great in-flight experience and courteous staff, Emirates knows how to make flyers loyal to them.

  1. Lufthansa:

This German-based airline company is identified as being the largest one in Europe till date. They are in possession of a fleet of over 260 aircrafts – including the famous Boeing 747-8 type of airlines as well. Lufthansa consists of numerous subsidiaries as well. They are also the founding members of Star Alliance, another splendid airline network.

There are many factors that help one decide which airline to choose while booking international flight tickets. Price acts as one of the important factors. However, you should not overlook other services as well. Make a wise decision by considering all the factors well and choose the best airline for a seamless travel experience.

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