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Different Scenarios when Compensation from your Airline is Justified

Different Scenarios when Compensation from your Airline is Justified

Flight delays due to various reasons have become the norm of the day. This causes financial loss as well as harassment and unnecessary stress to passengers. There are various reasons that do not entail you to demand Ryanair compensation like the delay caused due to weather, air traffic delay, airport equipment faults, personal reasons as well as multiple schedule changes. However, there are certain reasons which can be blamed on the airlines itself and gives you the right to demand compensation. Some of those justifiable reasons are:-

Broken seat/environmental equipment

In case you encounter a broken seat or a non-functioning air conditioner, it is both your right and responsibility to bring it to the notice of the authorities. Everything available to you from in-flight entertainment or headrests, footrests or any other items should be functioning properly. Any deviations entitle you to demand compensation. Additionally, you must be aware that unless you raise voice, the authorities may not even get aware of the problem. This would make all future passengers uncomfortable as well.

Poor service

This is a tricky niche as the judgment of the situation is subjective and relative. However, rude service, flight attendants chatting amongst themselves and not inclined to help passengers, any unsafe actions are all situations which should not be tolerated and complained against them should be filed. Before claiming compensation, you must realize that you should never be rude in turn. This can cause an unfavorable situation. Simultaneously, you should be able to take a realistic view. For instance, if the wine gets spilled n you due to turbulence, you are not entitled to compensation.

Delays and cancellations by the airline

Any delay due to the inefficiency of the airlines justifies the compensation claim for you. Issues like maintenance, overbooking, equipment swaps, and changes in crew availability are all reasons where the blame falls upon airlines.  A recent incident occurred when passengers faced delay by over three hours due to a computer outage. Even here, a passenger can demand compensation like those affected passengers of the incident received $200 travel vouchers each.

There are various other scenarios like a canceled flight, lost luggage, etc. that entitles you to claim compensation from the airlines.


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