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Top 5 Places to Visit in Melbourne as a First Timer

Top 5 Places to Visit in Melbourne as a First Timer

Melbourne is arguably one of the most lively and beautiful places to visit in the world. It is a city that brings together the rich culture of the Australian together with the diversity of people from all over the world hence creating a place that is perfect for everyone.

It is a heaven for architecture and history lovers due to the large number of old buildings and structures. It is also a treasure for those who love trying out new cuisines and experience the wildlife of Australia. It is obvious that this is one fun city to visit but as first time backpackers Melbourne, these are some places that should be in your list.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

You do not have to be a sports lover to appreciate the greatness of this stadium that has hosted some of the world’s greatest sports events such as the World Cup, Olympics and Commonwealth games. It is wonderfully constructed and is a perfect place to take a few artistic photos. If you are a sports lover then make sure you catch a game during your visit and you can be sure it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Werribee Zoo

Australia is known for its marsupials and other animals that are unique to the continent only. However, this zoo offers something different that you cannot get anywhere else in the country and that is the safari experience. The zoo replicates an African savannah which will be exciting for anyone who has or hasn’t been to the continent. Get to drive around the park while viewing the rhinos, antelopes, monkeys, lions and cheetahs in their habitat. This is a perfect way of getting a taste of Africa while still in Australia.

The Shrine of Remembrance

This is one of the most recognized landmarks in Melbourne hence one of the most visited places in the city. It is a landmark that pays tribute to all the Australian soldiers who died in the first and second world wars.  There are about 120 services that are held throughout the year to commemorate these events and if you are lucky, you may be able to attend one of them and join the Australians and others from all over the world in remembering the fallen.

Eureka Skydeck

If you are looking for a place where you can view the whole city from the highest point then this is it. It is a tower that guarantees you an amazing view of the city and some of the major landmarks. It is especially beautiful in the evening while the sun is setting when you can take some truly breathtaking photos.

The Puffing Billy

The puffing Billy is the oldest functioning steam railway that gives visitors a unique experience. It is a 25km rail that takes you through the beautiful greenery of Melbourne. Allow yourself to experience a different side of Melbourne with this slow and cool ride.

There are really so many place that you should visit in Melbourne to get the full experience. However, the above give you a good start to everything and you will be glad that you made the backpackers in Melbourne trip.

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