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Best tourist attractions in Costa Rica

Best tourist attractions in Costa Rica

If you are planning to visit the best overseas tourist destination, then this holiday in Costa Rica is certainly going to be a memorable one. This Central American country located on the borders of Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean has a lot of beautiful tourist destinations and is known for its spectacular beaches. Here is a list of best tourist things in CR which is a must visit for you:

Manuel Antonio National Park

This national park in Costa Rica is certainly the most bio-diversified park and has its own international reputation. Located on the Pacific coast, this park has exotic white sand beaches bordered with green palm trees. You will definitely enjoy the beauty of these beaches while relaxing below palm trees.

Apart from it, you will also see endangered and very rare forms of various plants and wildlife species. Among the endangered species, White-faced capuchin monkeys will bring some action too.

Arenal volcano

A visit to Arenal volcano national park is going to be adventurous one. This national park has two volcanic sites out of which the Arenal is the active one. However, the park rangers keep a close look on the volcanic activities so you should not be afraid of any mishappening.

This park is rich in various species of flora and fauna. From medicinal plants to ornamentals one and from edible to toxic species, this park will give you the scenic beauty of nature.

Museum of art and design

If you are a lover of contemporary art and design then the museum located at Costa Rica is a must visit. This museum specialises in the contemporary American art and also presents various works by international artists which will certainly be a mesmerising experience for you.

This museum has a wide range of paintings, sculptures, video art and documentaries in its exhibition rooms. Also certain collection of work by different artists are selected and exhibited every year.

Corcovado national park

This national reserve is rich in diversified species of flora and fauna which includes tapirs, jaguars and endangered squirrel monkeys. This bio diversified region is a must visit for adventure lovers.

This park offers camping, hiking and trekking which is going to add stars in your travel diaries.

San Jose

It is the capital city of Costa Rica. You are going to love the intermix of culture presented by this city from historical museums and artifacts to shopping malls, night clubs and party spots. Exploring this city on foot will be a lot easier and will definitely be an overwhelming experience of your life.

La Paz waterfall

This waterfall located at central Costa Rica is a paradise for wildlife lovers. A hotel and a park is located at the upstream of this waterfall from where tourists can see various range of animal species. However, this place is a bit costlier to visit, but believe one thing that you are certainly going to make your every grand count.

Playas Del coco

This region has been a popular tourist destination since a long time. People visit here to spend some of their quality time. Locals and visitors from different countries come here during holiday season. This place has the oldest beach community.

Monteverde cloud reserve forest

This forest reserve of Costa Rica is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Located in northern plains, the reserve has more than 25,000 acres of cloud forests with around 400 species of birds, 120 species of amphibians and more than 2500 species of plants. Suspension bridges and well maintained trails are also available which will give you an additional experience.

La Fortuna waterfall

Located in central Costa Rica, this waterfall is known for its natural swimming pool. With restrooms, restaurant and guest room facilities available at this spot, this place becomes a must visit destinations for relaxing as well as fun.  

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