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Best Features of the U.S. ARMY KNIFE Assisted Opening Knives

Best Features of the U.S. ARMY KNIFE Assisted Opening Knives

If we talk about knives, most people want them to be efficient enough. It can be used everywhere, so it is expected that they have additional functions, not only basic ones. It used in the military too, and here we can see the best examples of knives. These knives have the beautiful design and army camo that indicate their purpose and where they are used. If you are a fan of knives, you’ll love this one. It is Tactical Tanto Knife from U.S. Army with winter snow camo and additional features, and it is the best tactical knife.


Opening Knife

This knife is the spring assisted opening knife with the mechanism that opens a blade fast as you want. Tanto blade is formed of stainless steel and has winter snow camo like the other parts of the knife. You can be satisfied with 3.75 inches of blade length, which is necessary for basic functions. You can use it when you go camping or fishing for example as I do. It helps me a lot of much, and it is efficient, which is I love about knives. Also, winter camo is nice when you spend your time in nature.

Aluminium Handle

The handle is longer than the blade, but not so much. The length of the knife is 8.50in, which is good if you are like efficient small knives that is not heavy so much and you can put them in your pocket. The handle is made of aluminum and also has winter snow camo. It has nice flip open mechanism for the blade with fast deployment, and it is easy to close it. The grip is comfortable, and you can accurately use the knife without worrying that it may cut you if you are doing something hard.

US Army Emblem

On the handle, there is licensed U.S. Army medallion, which is especially cool about this knife and that also fits into winter snow camo. With this emblem, you can be sure of the efficiency of the blade that cut anything you want. In U.S. Army knife like this is very important, especially if you are on the terrain. This emblem fits with the design of the whole knife which looks like the real military knife.

Additional Features

With this knife, you also get glass breaker and belt cutter. There are many knives with this features, but most of them have too much of them, and it looks complicated. So this tanto knife has only basic one that you need. It is also fitted with it military soul because glass breaker and belt cutter is something that is important if you are in the army. And of course, if you are going on camping and fishing like I do, this features can help in many cases.


  • It is fast and accurately
  • Have nice design and colors
  • Comfortable handle
  • Excellent safety lock


  • It can be heavy to someone
  • Paint can be chipped

Final Judgement

Overall, this knife has nice design, camo and it is efficient. It has soul because there are military camo, emblem, and functions that soldiers need in war. You can use this assisted opening knife if you are going in nature, it can help. You are able to keep it in your pocket, but if it is heavy to you, then you can put the knife in other places like a bag. Anyway, if you just like knives and collect them, this is one that you will love.

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