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What Is Inverter Technology AC?

What Is Inverter Technology AC?

Summer seasons are becoming unbearable and every year the temperature is setting a new record. However many households in India are still little weary about installing AC because of its higher energy cost. Though technology has certainly make sufficient progress and various star rated air conditioners are available in the market which claims to have reduced the energy costs considerably.

Now the latest technology that has come in the market is known as inverter technology for air conditioners. It is claimed that it can further reduce the energy consumption by almost 30 to 50 per cent as compared to the regular air conditioners available in the market. This technology is present with many top brands like Samsung, Voltas and Lloyd.

What is inverter AC?

Inverter technology can be compared with the working of an accelerator of the car. Here compressor will remain always on and it will deliver higher power when higher power is needed and also delivers lower power when there is need for lower power. The need of power will depend upon the setting of the thermostat. Therefore speed and power will be adjusted as per the exact requirement to set the desired temperature. This technology was developed first time in Japan and used only for split air conditioners.

How it saves power consumption

Usually we choose the capacity of the air conditioner based on the size of the room. If we use any 1 ton AC or 1.5 ton AC then its compressor will draw peak current when it is turned on irrespective of the required power for maintaining the temperature. However in case of inverter technology the compressor is always on but it will not draw peak current. It will draw as much current that is needed based on the setting of the temperature. Thus the current consumption is automatically adjusted based on the cooling requirement of the room.

Though the compressor draws only that much of energy that is needed but one must use the air conditioner of the right capacity based on the sizes of the room. Therefore before installing the air conditioner, it is necessary to evaluate exact capacity requirement of the AC to cool the environment of the room.

Differences between inverter technology AC and conventional AC

If you compare any conventional AC with any inverter technology model then following are the differences.

  • Inverter technology AC compressors are variable speed compressor which is very different from any conventional AC, where compressors are having single speed and it draws higher currents
  • Inverter technology adjusts the power consumption according to the need while conventional AC does not adjust
  • The inverter ACs are about 7 per cent more energy efficient in comparison with any star rated air conditioners.

So far inverter technology was applied for any split air conditioners only. However, now numbers of companies are coming out with window air conditioners with inverter technology compressors.  Also BEE is going to give various star ratings to them too as it has done in case of conventional air conditioners.

Inverter technology air conditioners may cost little more than any conventional AC however you can recover its higher cost by saving your energy bill within few years of its use.

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